In 1999, the Marial Sisters bought ruins
For 20 ans, they have been restoring them day after day.


From our Golden Book


Hello sisters. I have read the text, I am moved to tears! It looks very good, I think the translation is good ! There are a few words you can change, but the meaning is very strong, and the message comes through very well.


Thank you for sharing with me those beautiful films. They are indeed both inspiring and heart-warming. God is surely smiling on these devoted and caring sisters to rebuild from destruction and disaster into a place of peace and beauty. Blessings to you
A.T. (England)


Dear Sister.
The videos were very moving.
The Marial sisters did an outstanding job indeed.
Thank you for sharing the videos with us.
Thank you for continuing your important work.
R.B. (USA)


Thank you very much. I will forward the links to the youtube videos to some young Catholic friends and will keep the sisters in Slovakia in my prayers. I love the music in the video !
Pax Christi
K.S. (England)