The Marial Sisters invite us to receive this message of faith of their little Mother Myriam

in the face of the global pandemic of the coronavirus.


From the Golden Book


We have accessed video.
It is so beautiful and the sentiment is exquisite.
This is the type of online presentation that enhances everyone’s mental and emotional support at a time when that is almost as important as physical support.
You all are reaching out to the global community that is starved for this kind
reminder. Thank you all and for doing the work of God in this time of stress and uncertainty.
We certainly will ( and have ) passed on the beautiful video. The virus is beginning to get to be wide spread in the U S and Canada and will probably get worse in the weeks and months to come before it gets better. The very important video will help in the cause for things getting better. The Marial Sisters are an important part of the process indeed.
All our love , respect and admiration
R.B. : (USA)


Done ! I forwarded your message to a few friends ! Beautiful ! Thank you much !
J.C. (USA)


That is really good. I asked my friends in the Philippines to share it.
Father T.O. (Philippines)


Dear Sisters, it is really wonderful.
Father D.S. (Sri Lanka)


Thank you so much. Please stay healthy and be safe. I will share this inspiring video to our prayers
Sister M. (Philippines)


Thank you so much for sending the video.
J.B. (USA)


Thank you for this precious prayer. Many thanks. It is indeed prayers and music which calms me. I thank you for the sung prayer which I have and listen to often.
V.L. (USA)


Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing with me the link to the videos.
I’ll definitely make sure to share them among my networks.
S.M. (Guatemala)


Thank you for this beautiful, nourishing and comforting melody.
CH.M. (Togo)


Thank you for remembering me and sending me such an invaluable video and message. Thanks again, really. I will be releasing such an important video to my colleagues and friends. May God bless you now and forever! "
H.G. (Éthiopie)


It's so beautiful to receive this message from you! Be sure I will share this video with my friends. May God bless you and keep you in good health. The world needs people like you. "
J.P. (Brésil)


Thank you very much for sharing with me this video, I shall share it with my contacts and I shall translate it into albanian with lots of love.
J.C. (Albanie)